Sunday, 20 May 2007

Something to make you smile

I'm back and ready to get blogging again. I need to catch up some sleep a little so this is just a quickie but I have lots of things to show and tell. I have new stash and new things to play with but more later once I get the camera working again. So, here's a little something to make you smile in the meantime. Me being silly.


sebskins said...

I'm laughing my head off at that pic...its so funny and you seem to be really bouncing (your hair!!), did you bounce very far??? lol Think if I sat on one of those, it would explode!!! xx yarnsnob

Hazel said...

Cool, is that a proper space hopper or just your yoga ball?

btw is where you'll find tales of my own exploits.

Hazel said...

Btw, i've got a friend who's very impressed with mouse & frog mittens like you made for Tom and she's asked if you might be able to knit her a funky chalk bag...

Typically a chalk bag is something like this:

Green and blue stripes, lined with fleece or something to keep the shape and with the name "Skydivingbluecat" on it - or possibly a pic of a sky diving blue cat would be cool.

What do you reckon??

Bearium said...

hehe, yes it's Tom's new space hopper and I only bounced a couple of times but Dad managed to get a picture anyhow!

I'll have a look at the chalk bags but i'm sure I can come up with something :D