Monday, 28 May 2007

Spot the deliberate mistake

I'm having one of those days. Well, actually it's probably one of those weekends really. The weather's awful, we're confined to the house and I'm on my second pair of trousers as I got drenched stepping out of the car (again). Not a very auspicious start to the day. Oh and I thought I'd share where I'm up to with my Noni bag. Time for a quick picture I think...So, can you spot the (deliberate??) mistake?
I measured it, measured it again, drew myself a pattern and yes, you guessed it my lining really is bigger than my bag! Doh! Maybe that G&T I mixed last night was stronger than I thought, but no, I prepared the pattern in the afternoon most definately pre-alcohol. So now, I have to remeasure it and re-cut the lining. (Boy am I glad I just tacked the bottom in now) Hmm, it's better that it's too big than too small right? Who am I trying to kid? Grrrrr.
Time to take a deep breath and go and put it right.

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sebskins said...

thats a fantastic bag. You sure it was the G&T??? lol