Tuesday, 1 May 2007

FC Blocked and some socks

All blocked and ready to wear, well once the ends are darned in. The final dimensions came in at 1.7m x 76cm (or in old money 67" x 30"). It's pretty big and long enough to reach my fingertips with both arms outstretched. Fab!

Am already considering another one but I think perhaps, I should try another lace project first.

Oh and a close up.

My Tabi socks are coming on nicely too.
The first is finished and have now cast on for the second. I'm pretty pleased with them and using the stripey yarn like this, you definately don't need either the intarsia or the false button flap at the back.
Although the colours work together nicely, they wouldn't be my first choice if I was knitting them for me. I think my sis will be pretty pleased with them although mum commented again the other evening that she couldn't see the point of knitting them. I'm not entirely sure whether she means socks in general or just this particular pair!

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