Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Denises .. again

I'm sorry to keep harping on about this, well actually, I'm not. Fiona (resident AY guru and general enabler) pointed me in the direction of these... Rainbow Denises!! How cool are they? Only downside is that they are on the other side of the pond. I very nearly ordered them last night but I have been good and resisted, well so far anyway. I am going to take a wander over to Maldon tomorrow morning if I have the time and take a look at the regular ones in Ethnits. I think I'd like to have a fondle before I commit myself and also, I'm not sure I want to wait for the delivery. Well that and it gives me an excuse to have a wander round the shop - if I save on the delivery etc, I can buy more yarn! Hmm, coloured needles or more yarn - it is a bit of a dilemma. Still, if I take the munchkin with me it should limit my spending. His current phrase when I want to look at something is "it's boring" - who is it that teaches children these things? grrr

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