Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Sunshine and knitting don't mix

Well, not all of the time anyhow. Wow, where does the time go? I can't believe it's nearly a week since the last post! So, what have I been doing? Well, I did say I was a fair weather gardener so that's exactly what I've been doing - making the most of our somewhat unusual spring heatwave. The garden's beginning to look lovely but the knitting's been on a bit of a backburner.

Having said that, I do seem to have got quite a bit done. Lorna's baby shawl did indeed get frogged as I wasn't happy with it. There were a couple of imperfections in the yarn that were a little too noticeable. I might just be lazy and knit a cardigan instead. Hmm, will have to have a think. Either way, I need to get a move on and get it reknitted as the baby is due in about three weeks!

I'm almost finished the first of the tabi style socks - just need to finish off the ribbing on the cuff. I got sidetracked again - by another Forest Canopy. I think it was probably as I was getting frustrated with the other shawl :s Anyhow, this one has absolutely raced along (no sore elbow to contend with this time). I started it last Thursday I think and hit the 195 stitch mark last night. I've got loads of yarn left too. I weighed it last night - there's still about 35g left of the 100g hank so I should get quite a number of extra pattern repeats out of it. I'm using 5mm Denises and some 4ply 100% wool that I dyed a while back. Actually, I dyed it with a FC in mind as I enjoyed the pattern so much the first time around. It's not quite as bright in real life as it looks on the picture but the colour has pooled quite a lot in a couple of places. I can understand why some people only knit lace in plain colours now but I think I quite like the effect this time. I've tried stretching the pattern out a couple of times and I think it'll look fine - I'll be able to see better once it's blocked obviously.

On the sock front, did I mention already that I signed up for sockapalousa4? I think I did anyhow, 1000 participants it's going to be huge! Still waiting to hear who my exchange pal is going to be. Back on the AY forum I managed to volunteer myself to start up a Sockalong too. So it's going to be a Sockalong Sockathon as most people were happy to do all of the patterns suggested. In no particular order we'll be tackling Bayerische, Monkey and then an Opal Rainforest of our choice. It should be fun :D I definately need to go and buy some more sock yarn although I might tackle Monkey in some of the Jojoland Melody I bought.

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