Wednesday, 18 April 2007

What a lovely weekend.

So much so that not much knitting got done. I really am a fair weather gardener and have been making myself busy trying to get on top of the weeding. I think I might even be beginning to make some progress.

So back to the knitting. I have finished the socks for DS and yes, they look like they're different sizes to me too. I was so careful about writing down what I'd done for the first pair as well. Anyhow, you live and learn. So far he has refused to try them on. Typical, and after all he made all that fuss about me making him a pair as well! So here they are. I will try and gt him to model them at some point. The little monster!

I have been a bit naughty too, I started another project. I know I'm supposed to be clearing the UFO's but I just couldn't resist and my brittanys were calling out for a new project. So, the Tabi socks it is then or Lickety Split from Knitty as they are actually called. I haven't actually bought any new yarn for these so it's not all bad (Who am I trying to kid!) and they are probably going to be given to my sister. Well, the yarn was bought with the intention of knitting her some socks. I'm getting around whether to match the striping (not an unmitigated success last time) by using Opal Uni for the toes, heel and cuff. If the stripes come even part way close after that, it's a bonus. I think she'll be pleased as they're looking pretty funky so far.
I took them along to my first Stitch and Bitch meeting in Colchester last night and have actually turned the heel now too. They're a lovely bunch of ladies and hopefully I'll be able to get along to the next meeting too. It's great to be able to see other knitters in action as I've not been very brave about knitting in public so far. I have no idea why, it's not as though I'm actually new to it or anything. So here's to a new and braver me. I'm a knitter and I'm not afraid to show it!

Oh and I signed up to Sockapalooza 4. Yay my first sock swap. Definately a good excuse to get some practise in.

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