Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Fresh from the microwave

Last weeks efforts all wound up and ready for a project. This is almost the last of Granny's yellow 4ply. I really like the way the food colour dyes the wool, it's giving me some lovely vibrant colours. The bottom was dyed using red and cochineal and where the two colours meet over the yellow yarn, it has left it a lovely peach colour. It's very hard to get a good picture of the colour even in natural daylight - it is much pinker than this shows. As much as I love the pink/red, I'm really looking forward to knitting up the green. I used both green and blue to dye it so there are some fabulous graduations in the colours, it should make either a lovely Pacific Northwest Shawl or maybe a home designed one.


Hawkesley said...

Your dyed yarn looks gorgeous!!

Bearium said...

Thanks, I'm really enjoying doing it. I should probably have a project in mind before I dye any more but it's so much fun playing around with the colours.