Wednesday, 11 April 2007

So much for an Easter break!

Have been afk for a couple of days due to a trip to Manchester to see my sister. She lives just round the corner from the "spiky old statue" as it's always referred to by DS otherwise known as the "B of the Bang". Anyhow, we thought yeah lets go to Manchester. We can get out into the Peak District, see the hills and do a spot of walking. Well, it was a nice thought anyhow. The whole weekend ended up being spent decorating! Four whole days of it and all of them sunny - which for Manchester is pretty good. Still, it was lovely to see my sis and I now have a commission for a huge painting to put up on her wall.

On the knitting front it's been slow progress (decorating is exhausting!) although I have picked up the pair of socks I started for DS again which has reminded me how much I like knitting socks. Bronte posted a link to the Blue Blog's sockapalouza 4 , I really enjoyed the AY Spring Secret Santa so I might give this a whirl as it looks like fun. I finally bought a set of pink Denises (yes I gave in) and have switched my baby shawl onto them but having seen it spread out a little more, I think I might frog it and restart it. There are a couple of places that I'm not happy with and as it's a gift, it really needs to be perfect or near to. I might go up a needle size too as the stitches seem to drag on the cable a bit - it's more or less the same diameter as needle tip (presumably the 3.75mm one, I'm using the 4mm for the shawl) unlike a regular circular needle. So I'll have to see how they pan out.

Oh and I was really naughty (shhh don't tell anyone) and bought some yarn online but there'll be more on that when the parcel arrives!


sebskins said...

Oh I need to see that sculpture when I visit my in laws:)

sebskins said...

I can understand how decorating is doing the same and would love to see your yarn purchases....being nosey lol