Tuesday, 24 April 2007

I must resist new projects.

Who am I trying to kid? What was I thinking of saying I'd finish all my outstanding projects before I started another? I can safely say I have successfully failed that one already! I am not only now halfway through a pair of socks (licketysplit), a Forest Canopy and now I have started a sockalong. Talk about getting carried away! hehe, do I care. Hmm, I think not.

Back to the project amnesty, I picked up my IVY again last week and have now transferred it to a set of Denises. So far only done a couple of extra rows. I'll have to have a proper bash at it again this week if I get a chance. It's such a lovely pattern but I just haven't been able to get motivated to get it finished. (Actually I think it was after picking this up that I started the FC again. Maybe someone's trying to tell me something!). Having been off and taken a picture and come back again, I still love it. Can't believe I was considering frogging it an hour ago! I must be nuts.

Anyhow, while I had the camera out I thought I'd have a fish around in a few of the bags strewn over my bedroom floor and see what I found. Look, UFO's!
An aran waistcoat for DS, just needing it's zip stitched in.

My beautiful Noni Bag, awaiting lining.

Some aran mittens that I started in February. One of which I made fingerless and the second I knitted the full glove for some reason (which of course now eludes me!).

The yarn chosen by DS when I dragged him to my LYS the other week. I had to bribe him to let me browse with a new jumper! He chose the colours himself. Luckily he's forgotten about it - as you can see it didn't get started. Oops.

The slightly worrying thing is that I am sure that there may be another one or two knocking about among the stuff in there. I really must have a proper tidy up at some point. Looking at these projects, I think I'm beginning to develop a bit of a theme here. I hadn't realised that I was so bad at getting things stitched up and finished off! Mind you, I do have rather more projects on the go than usual too. The trouble is, there's always something new I want to try. Short of cloistering myself away from the outside world (lol, like that's really going to happen!) I can't see how I can avoid discovering new projects. Does everyone else really have more will power than me or do they have UFO's stashed away all over the place too?

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