Thursday, 26 April 2007

My second Forest Canopy

I'm all excited I've finished knitting it already - and in only a week! I'm very pleased with myself, can't wait to block it. This time it's in 100% wool 4ply and it's the first of my hand dyed yarn that I've knitted up. The colour's perhaps a bit bright but it'll look really funky, well as funky as a shawl can. There's been a bit of a happy accident with the way that the colour has pooled in places.

I know that I wanted to use as much of the yarn as possible with it being hand dyed (well, I wanted it as big as possible too) but talk about cutting it a bit fine, there's only about 2 metres left! I did three extra repeats in the end and I kept weighing the ball after each one. The last repeat took almost 10g which left me about the same again for the border. I wasn't sure whether I might have to do one less border row but in the end, I managed to complete the pattern. Just. hehe

Anyhow, hope to get it blocked in the morning so that should mean pictures of the finished article over the weekend. Yay.

Now just have to decide which of my UFO's to work on. I think I might break out the sewing machine and get my Noni bag finished. I'd love to be able to take it along to the knitting group next week and show it off again.

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Viknits said...

Your FC looks brilliant! I can't wait to see it all blocked! :D